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Post by MobileTechGuy Tue Jan 01, 2019 7:03 am

Professional *Remote ONLY* Emissions Deletes. All Cummins & International, Select Detroit Diesel.  PM Me for Details.  


NO, is not affiliated with any person or persons offering or performing Emissions Deletes.  NO, it is NOT Legal in the US to use ANY vehicle that has had emissions system disabled for "ON-ROAD USE".  Yes, if you are in a country where disabling Emissions Systems is not illegal, I will help you. Rolling Eyes  By inquiring, YOU are declaring that your "intentions" are "Upright" & "legal".  DO NOT USE MY SERVICE ILLEGALLY. Sleep   If, you are in a country, lets say strict ass, tight wad panties in a bunch, tree hugging ass AMERICA for conversation sake, this service is only LEGAL IN THE COMPETITION ARENA.  I, nor this site owner, nor any Administration of this site are responsible for you making any choice to use this service in any way that could be deemed "ILLEGAL" by some suit wearing, secret Exclamation sucking, pansy ass hippy with a badge.   pig Suspect   In other words.... You make your own choices in life.  Be responsible.  Wink

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