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Post by jasonics Tue Dec 18, 2018 8:08 am

I to everyone, i really feel proud to have joined this community. Im jasonics from Island Mauritius. i started my carreer at Renault back in 1992 as a technician then promoted very early to technical coordinator,i worked there for 18 years and shifted to Landrover, ford, suzuki,mazda, jaguar as a technical director. Since 8 years ive turned to my own business in automotive electronics, such as key programming for european cars, ecu programming cloning and immo off, and last into hard diagnostics. Some usefull tools i have Zedfull, MBE tools,simon touch nec.Renault ecu tools.keyprogrammers and a others. Thanks for accepting me and respect to everyone. Aged 46.


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Post by MobileTechGuy Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:56 pm

Welcome, Good to have you!  Im happy to see a "not so green" new guy! Follow the guidelines laid out in Forum Rules and you'll do just fine here.  And it doesn't hurt to donate now and then either.  Many of these guys get what they need and are never to be seen again.  The site owner and admin keep this site going, serving the gearheads of the world with top notch software on our donations.  And as you can see by the threads, they do a damn good job.  Just something to think about.  And again, Welcome!  Smile

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