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Hey everyone My Name is Eddie!

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Hey everyone My Name is Eddie! Empty Hey everyone My Name is Eddie!

Post by EddieLee97 Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:39 pm

Hey eveyone. My name is eddie and im 21 years old. I graduated from Nashville auto diesel college as a diesel technician. I decided to become a diesel technician in inspiration by my father who has much experience with all types of vehicles. The real reason why i wanted to become a diesel technician is because my father needs help at his shop because the things he has learned about diesel technology growing up is begining to fade due to all these newer engines like the dd15 wich he doesnt know much about. Im willing to learn what i can and do anything possible to help my dad in his shop. My main goal is to obtain the knowledge to help my father and you guys out there in the field who are also seeking help. Well not much more i have to say haha. Really glad to be apart of a great community such as this one. Eveyone seems to be really cool and willing to help one another. Definitely my type of crowd.


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