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SLK 200 EVO Diagnostics

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SLK 200 EVO Diagnostics Empty SLK 200 EVO Diagnostics

Post by ZetaZeta Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:24 pm

Hello to Everyone I would like to buy a diagnostic tool for my SLK 200 R170 EVO year 2000 with 16-pin diagnosis socket.
As I read on the net the only tool with all functions including programming and encoding could be the C3.
I claim that I'm not interested in using it in other cars but only on mine, so the need for upgrades should not be necessary.
Internet offers this tool with hd containing:
Xentry (diagnosis)
DAS (diagnosis)
WIS (data on repair and electrical circuits)
EPC (parts catalog)

What do you recommend me?
Thank you!


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