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DDDL 7 bypass

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DDDL 7 bypass Empty DDDL 7 bypass

Post by cristi-obd2 Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:29 pm

1. Install DDDE 7.06 and activate it with lvl 3 Read and Write License
2. Connect to a truck's ECM and go to the rating change option.
3. Click read and change the rating to some other option like High Power to Low Power.
4. Click send button. Now you know it worked if DDDE did not ask for the password and yet changed your rating to something else and system beeped.
5. Next step is to go and change any parameter you want any lvl to the desired specs.
6. Go back to the same rating option and select a different one. Like back to High Power Only.
7. Red text below will indicate parameters were changed and not send.
8. You click send on the rating option menu and hopefully rating is switched and along the way so were the parameters.

I tested it on 2009-2011 fully locked Cascadias. Now it only worked DDDE 7.06 lvl 3 activated.
It is available on this forum and easy to activate if you know what you are doing.

Well hopefully it helps.

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