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Support Technician supporting Toyota Avensis T27

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Support Technician supporting Toyota Avensis T27  Empty Support Technician supporting Toyota Avensis T27

Post by sk1nn3d Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:00 am


I'm a 32 year old male IT Support Technician. Working for a partner company and my main job is break and fix. Starting with laptops and up to high-end devices with 6x9's uptime. Mechanical interest is from father side. He was a mechanic his whole life + later year he worked at home in his garage and I was with him when he let. Usually I was in the way so sometimes he told to back off 2m Very Happy.

Now why I'm here?! The reason is a T27 Avensis 2.0 D4-D that does not want to cooperate.

It all began with warm weather symptoms +15C and above. When doing a cold start there was blue smoke. Under +15C there was none as glow plugs started to work from that temp and under.

After some service and diagnostics it was the concluded that the injection nozzles need replacing. All 4 of them!

When these were replaced then it came to be that ECU didn't want to learn about the new nozzles. So I had the engine head resurfaced because of "normal aluminium" cylinder block mechanics that want to warp on you. Exhaust gases were in the coolant. The exhaust gases prevented nozzle normal operation and fuel consumption went out of normal range for ECU and thus ECU deemed new nozzles faulty. Now when the blockhead was milled and engine reassembled then BOSCH software was not able to initiate learning process. So back to the dealers I went.

Back in Dec right after engine reassembly I discovered that 2 glow plugs were dead. So I got 4 new ones (BERU). Installed them and all good an nice.

2 months after that the Exhaust Gas Sensor nr. 2 failed + DPF issue. At 1st there was normal engine fault lights. The dealer told me after OBD hook-up that the 2nd temp sensor is locked at 200C and will not move. So that gives faulty indication to ECU and thus the fault. This came and went as outside temperature was changing during days and weeks. So I didn’t think much of it at that time.

And in March the engine started losing power at 3 blips of coolant temp + no Cruise Control and no shift indicators. I think 1/3 of the engine power went missing. Back to the dealers. Same temp sensor 2 and now the DPF needs cleaning.

Now I think the DPF issue was caused by not tight glow plugs, 2 of them were gummed up and I had hard time removing them and cleaning the channel. After doing that and driving the engine to work and back (~20km) a few days with 2200 – 2500 rpm the before mentioned issue of no power, no CC didn’t appear any more. Last night I got OBD2 interface and used EasyOBDII to clear the fault codes. All nice and dandy.

This morning when driving to work the normal engine warning lights came so. I think this is the temp sensor 2 as today it is a bit colder again (+1C). My observations were that when the outside temp went up then the fault cleared itself and no warning lights  were on the performing a cold start.

Now when that was fixed I Still need to replace the nr 2 temp sensor for DPF cleaning to run normally during longer drives. At the moment I think it doesn’t run as my car doesn’t have a light indicating DPF purge + temp sensor 2 is faulty. That might affect it too.

So this is my main story!

I am thinking about making a blog out of my T27 adventures as I can’t find much info on the internets about the issues I have with this car…..



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