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Hello there Im from Mexico

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Hello there Im from Mexico Empty Hello there Im from Mexico

Post by goldenboy1 Fri Jan 13, 2023 8:20 pm

My name is ED and I'm a truck enthusiast! I do not recall how did I got here but seems to be a good site so far.

Ive been searching in the past for a good forum that doesn't charge crazy dollars for memberships and their users dont go too crazy on activating diagnostic software.. I mean ive been seeing a lot of post specialty in the newest SW where they want to sell you cracked SW for more than $500 USD and they dont even give the activation tool mostly known as KG and I have had a bad experience since no support at all...

Conclusion nowadays people in forums no longer what to help just in it for the dollar. Anyways with the permission of de admins feel free to PM me if anyone needs I can share this shop management SW Fleet manager 2021 and this diagnostic software DDDL 8.09 level 10 2019. (free)

If this site comes in handy I will be making a donation soon.


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