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Amateur Tuner Empty Amateur Tuner

Post by arodriguez Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:37 am

Hello All,
  I'm fairly new to tuning and looking to start learning. What would be good starting equipment? I drive a Pontiac G6. 
1). I'm looking to learn, so I'm not looking to pay for tuning, I'm already aware of those options
2). Because I'm looking to learn, this is not really about performance, so I know tuning my G6 won't accomplish a whole lot
3). I know you get what you pay for, BUT I'm just looking to learn a bit, I don't need the holy grail(s) of tuning.
4). I'm very aware of the danger and risks that exist with playing around with tuning. I'm prepared for most of it, and will deal with whatever i screw up

That being said, I'm just looking for some of you to give me some input or advice on hardware and software to get started.

Thanks in Advance.


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