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Cummins Insite SP5

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Cummins Insite SP5 Empty Cummins Insite SP5

Post by arodriguez on Sun May 17, 2020 8:13 pm

need password for PC ID F0C36135


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Cummins Insite SP5 Empty Re: Cummins Insite SP5

Post by cristi-obd2 on Mon May 18, 2020 2:28 am

arodriguez wrote:need password for PC ID F0C36135
Here you go:
Basic                                      000-D7C-290-279-A09-60V
  Lite                                       001-03B-55D-F8A-350-60V
  Pro                                        002-FD1-774-564-A9F-60V
  RSGR (Road Speed Governor Restricted)      003-1DD-49F-30C-19E-60V
  Industrial / Power Generation Applications 004-1F8-1CD-B04-2CD-60V
  OBD-RSGR                                   005-9D0-8CF-A02-EAA-60V
  OBD                                        006-D76-F83-344-B9E-60V
  RSGR Plus                                  007-A4A-C6F-30A-F94-60V
  Pro Plus                                   008-480-B89-10A-55E-60V

 Usage counts : 107

  Fleet Calibration Counts                   FZZ-C33-408-59C-128-60V
  OEM, ECM Password Removal                  ZZZ-670-3AA-888-BB9-60V
  ECM Password Removal                       WZZ-861-708-287-7F1-60V


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