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Post by James Bond Sat May 02, 2020 10:47 am

Hi guys,

I've been browsing the threads and i noticed that most of the sections of the forum are a bit messy.

For example this one is more about software then actual problems with a car. My suggestion to the admins is that they divide this section in categories by brands and then under each brand we can post problems related to specific model of car of that brand.

My suggestion to people posting actual problems is that they make posts in this form:
Name of the thread should contain name of the problematic car, with some details for example Golf V, 1.9TDI PD, 2005, Brake booster problem.

And then in the post should be well explained what is going on with a car and what has been done so far in order to help each other efficiently. 

I see that we have fair amount of members here so i believe some of us are also ppl who know their stuff and we can make this forum far better.

James Bond

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