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Calterm help

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Calterm help Empty Calterm help

Post by cook1955 Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:57 pm

Hey guys, so the reason for theis topic is because i already have cummins 7.6.2 and i also have calterm 3 now the big question is how i actually use calterm i know the ins and outs of insight but have zero experience in calterm i also know how to navigate and complacently use QSOL so from working at a dealership for 15 years so i know how to download cal files but my real question is is calterm used to change the calibration flies or how dose this work


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Calterm help Empty Re: Calterm help

Post by MobileTechGuy Thu Aug 08, 2019 8:42 pm

I’m not trying to be offensive when I say this, it just the truthful fact of the matter. Calterm is an extremely powerful piece of software that has no boundaries and will destroy your calibration file and give you the finger afterwords. It should not be taken lightly and should be used only by a professional with a full understanding of its capabilities. Always. Always, always, always MAKE BACKUP COPIES OF YOUR ORIGINAL ENGINE FILES!!!  If you have a truck to play around with, play, learn. In the mean time pm me if you want some files to open and practice the steps of proper connection, unlocking, parameter searching, manipulation and saving/downloading/uploading.

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