Enable VIM TV-playback using VCDS/VAG-COM in your Audi MMI

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Enable VIM TV-playback using VCDS/VAG-COM in your Audi MMI

Post by cristi-obd2 on Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:12 am

Now, this is something for the Audi folks. If your Audi is equipped with a MMI TV-module or a DVD-player, security restrictions have been applied to stop video-playback while your car is moving above a certain speed threshold. This feature is also called VIM (Video In Motion) lock. There’s a guy from Russia who offers a VAG-COM/VCDS based solution to disable this restriction but a) he wants your precious money for this hack and b) he needs online access to your computer and to your car to set the VIM threshold. There are also expensive, CAN-based programming cables on the market for the same purpose.
Changing the VIM-threshold requires you to set a higher threshold value to a so called adaptation channel in your MMI head unit. Unfortunately, this channel is read-only unless you use a proper login code first. The login code is derived from a unique component ID in your car. Once you know this number you can write to that adaptation channel and set the threshold to any value you want to, whenever you want to and as many times as you like. Please read the instructions to learn how to obtain the component ID (it’s not the vehicle ID number VIN) from the MMI head unit. This component ID then has to be entered in the VIM code calculator.
Using some creative witchcraft (I can’t be more specific but it didn’t involve any of the mentioned commercial solutions) I figured out how the VIM unlock login-code is being calculated. I wrote a free web-based VIM-code generator so anyone can disable the VIM restrictions, you just need someone with a VAG-COM/VCDS to do it for you. If you don’t own a VAG-COM/VCDS diagnostic cable you may be interested to know that there’s a VAG-COM locator available.
Fortunately, the VIM unlock login-code generation algorithm is the same for the MMI 2G and 3G (at least as of July 2009), so yes, using the generated login-code you can enable TV/DVD-playback at all vehicle speeds for the MMI 3G as well!
Depending on the MMI system generation you want to VIM-enable, click one of the following links to get to the detailed instructions. This is MMI 2G/3G only, I won’t offer a solution for RNS-E based systems.
Click here to learn how to enable VIM for the MMI 2G
Click here to learn how to enable VIM for the MMI 3G
You can either use the links above to generate your personal login-code or download a Windows based generator here.
Warning/Disclaimer: Do not “watch and drive”! It may even be illegal in your country to watch video/TV while the car is moving! This is for experimental purposes only.
Use this link to translate this post to German or any other supported language.

Official sources: https://trick77.com/enable-vim-tv-playback-vcds-vag-com-mmi/

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Re: Enable VIM TV-playback using VCDS/VAG-COM in your Audi MMI

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